Who We Are

home-studen_learningThe Study Hall, LLC was formed in 1999 with the objective of helping students grow academically by inspiring learning – with a specialization in educational evaluations and tutorial services. The signature of the company was individualized instruction for students with a diverse set of needs, utilizing their strengths and providing compensatory strategies in order to achieve academic success. Over the years, as we have worked with school systems, families, and students, we have noticed a need in the area of reading. Many aspects of learning are now language based; therefore we are shifting our focus to developing strong reading decoding, reading comprehension, and language skills. We pride ourselves in providing our staff with professional development in these areas, so they can better serve our students.

For nearly two decades, parents, local school systems and private schools have come to The Study Hall, LLC because of their ability to address the unique needs of each student. The Study Hall, LLC has earned a stellar reputation by relentlessly sticking to the philosophy of individualized and small group attention and instruction.

You can reach The Study Hall at 860-673-1414, e-mail us at info@thestudyhallct.com, or write us at The Study Hall, PO Box 1970, Burlington, CT 06013.



“I don’t know where to begin. You’ve done so much for my son, I can never thank you enough. You’ve played a huge & important role in his education and progress in high school. You’ve watched his growth & led with positive instruction.  You worked your schedule around his whenever possible to make things easier for him…. THANK YOU!”
– High School Parent, Bristol, CT




Our 2017-18 Focus will be on consultation and collaboration for schools and students.

Get off to a good start in 2017. Use your planners, keep on top of homework assignments, prepare for tests, and seek extra help when needed.

Our TUTORING focus will be in the area of Reading.

The Study Hall will no longer be offering SAT, SSAT, or ACT test preparation.